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Hey ya'll, just wanted to spread the word about this amazing app i discovered called verydice, all you do is roll the dice and you get tickets for however many you roll, take those tickets and redeem whatever you want on this app it all comes from amazon brand new and shipping is also FREE along with whatever item you choose, this app has helped me during birthdays, christmas and other holidays. 1. Download the app verydice 2. Link your facebook or google account, if you sign up as quest you wont be able to redeem anything! 3. Put in code 213497 4. Roll the dice 5. Turn your tickets into free items (whatever you choose or need!) No credit card information needed only your address so they know where to send your item to. This app has everything diapers, wipes, bottles, clothes you name it, it's on there! I also have pictures for proof that this app is not a scam you can also go to the website www.verydice.com

Comments | Posted by: xo_ednajo_xo in: Teaching mamas on June 05 2019.