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Thick skin

Thick skin

in Moms of teenagers

Thick skin

Thick skin, patience and alcohol :). Just kidding, i rarely drink. But thick skin for sure. I have a 17 yr old daught. After 5 boys... they seem like a breeze! I always say, all five of them together, dont even come close to how difficult she is. Patience, at this point is basically deafness and a wondering attention span. As she rages on about this drama, or that drama, or about what i don't understand, or why shes so right and I'm so wrong and how unfair her life is compared to her friends... I find myself redecorating my bedtoom, or wondering what ill have for breakfast the next morning in my head. It is exhausting. And a survival tactic. After a week of being dumped on, she wants to go to her friends house, everything screams at me...she doesnt deserve to go, but if she goes i get a few hours of peace and quiet! Its not all bad, 90%....well 80%, ok...75% of the time shes great. And that sweet little girl still pops in to say hi and gives me a hug. And i remember i will survive this. She will survive this. "They" say that kids brains dont stop developing till they are 25. And that was true for my boys. 8 more years to go! Luckily (hopefully) she'll go off to college soon, and i can sit and cry about how much i miss her. Hang in there!


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    Haha! I ❤️ This!! I agree- some stuff you just have to pretend that you didn’t see and/or hear lol! I also use the “tune-out” method a lot as I find it’s a survival tactic, too! I’m sure I’ll be really sad when my last kids are grown

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    Oh man, I feel for you! It seems like they’re becoming teenagers waaaay before their age does. And boy drama already?? NOOOOOOOO!!!

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    I have an 11.5 yo...i really thought I would have more time befire having to deal with these teenage things lol...shes already talking about boyfriends...boy drama...she wants to wear full makeup...ugh...why so young?