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Digital Advertising Subscription: Silver Package

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The Silver Digital Advertising Package is a simple and targeted way to identify your ideal clients, talk to them directly, build your company’s ‘know, like and trust factor’, identify current trends within your target market, create a dialogue with the moms who buy your products and services and encourage your perfect customers to think of your company when they’re ready to make a purchase. 

  • Helps you save time and money 
  • Aids in identifying what challenges your ideal customer is experiencing
  • Enhances communication between your brand and your ideal clients
  • Helps you simplify your sales and marketing plan
  • Teaches your prospective clients about your company and brand
  • Introduces you to moms in your community and all over the world

Digital Marketing

Often overlooked as an important part of your business, digital marketing can help ease your anxiety about reaching clients online, reduce the risk of losing money you don’t have on social media advertising, help you get in front of your ideal customers and help them solve problems as you educate them about your products and services.

In this Digital Advertising Package:

> A business profile to showcase your business, logo and ‘go-to’ information

> The ability to set your location to target moms in your community 

> Canva templates to help you create ads that will get noticed

> A customized hashtag so moms can join your conversations and follow your company

> 1 In-post ad space on the website and the app on iOS and Android

> Social shares: we’ll share your ads and posts in 3 mentions to our social media audience outside of the app (10,000 followers and growing every day!)

> Networking opportunities with other companies on the MamaSoup platform

> Video and pdf guide to enhance your success with digital marketing in our community

> Free Zoom consultation to support onboarding your company

> Use of the platform on your smartphone or on a computer

> Recurring monthly payments for uninterrupted service

Suggested Use

Purchase this digital advertising package and start using it immediately to start chatting with moms as a trusted brand in our community. Use the provided templates or create your own. Use the resources included with your purchase to guide you as you create ads, choose a hashtag and create a profile. Be social and helpful!


Building your brand’s trust and recognition can take time. This type of marketing requires engagement with our audience and thoughtful conversation. While you can purchase this plan just for the advertising and social media shares, it will be most effective when paired with regular engagement on the platform. 

This is a monthly subscription.

  • Thousands of Users

  • Ad Support

  • No Tricky Algorithm

  • Cancel Anytime

What's Included

Using the MamaSoup platform to market to your ideal clients is cost effective and helps you build relationships for more sales.


> Ad space in the post feed on both the web and mobile apps

> Customizable profile to let your potential clients get to know you

> Access to users worldwide

> A customized hashtag so moms can find and follow you easily

> Private messaging capability

> 3 mentions on our social channels (10,000+ followers)

> Interact with moms on your cell phone or desktop