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VIDEO: How MamaSoup Can Help You, Help Moms

Hello and Welcome to MamaSoup!

I’m so excited you’ve decided to try an innovative, cost effective new way to market to the moms who so desperately need your products, services and support.
I’ve been a nurse, doula and Lamaze childbirth educator for 25 years and I have four kids. I’ve been both the mom looking for support and the business looking for moms.

Here are some interesting statistics about the complicated relationship moms have with social media:

👉 82% of moms are using social media to find product and service recommendations.

👉 About a third of them say that social media is their main outlet to the outside world these days

👉 A quarter of them hesitate to share there because the spaces don’t feel safe and they don’t want to be judged.

I created the MamaSoup platform so women could have a totally anonymous space to share their experiences and to connect with people in their community, if that’s what they want.

This provides you, as a business owner, with insight about your ideal customers that can help inform the products and services you offer. It also allows you the ability to talk with moms directly as you help them solve problems and build your know, like and trust factor.

It’s a completely new way of creating valuable and meaningful relationships with women so that you’re top of mind when they need you.

Look- we know that people don’t buy from businesses. They buy from people.

And this is especially true for moms who are looking for solutions to problems that your company offers them. By marketing through the MamaSoup platform, you’re building connections and keeping spending local- YAY YOU!

I’ve included a guide for you with specifics about advertising, so make sure you check that out to get the most out of your ads.

But be sure to create a profile with all of your company’s ‘go-to’ information, an overview of your products and services and how you can help women share the Mother Load. Use your logo as your profile picture so moms start to recognize you, online and in the community. Upload pictures and video tutorials to showcase how to use your products. And finally, tell your customers that you’re on the MamaSoup platform and share your customized hashtag with them so they can easily find you!

I know that you’ve tried connecting with moms in those Facebook groups, because I have too.

But every time you suggest how your business can help someone, you risk having yourself thrown out for ‘giving advice’. That’s not going to happen on MamaSoup so be helpful, be kind and let your business shine!

I’m here to support moms and help women-led businesses succeed to make healthier families and communities.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me. Good luck and I’ll see you over on MamaSoup!

Download the Advertising Guide

Ready to get started? This guide will teach you:

- Where to download the app

- How to create an effective profile for your business

- How to choose the perfect #hashtag

- Where each ad is placed

- What sizes your ads need to be

- How to send all the information to us so we can get your business set up

Download the Guide

Canva Ad Templates

To make things a little easier for you to get started, we've created these templates in Canva. Just copy them and use them to create your own ads!




  • "Desperate for Community Support"

    "I’m a psychotherapist and after my first was born I realized how
    desperate I was for community and support and what huge gaps there are
    in our area. I decided to start specializing in perinatal mental health
    and definitely realized quickly that I am not the only one who noticed
    those gaps!
    I love love love what you are doing to bridge those gaps and appreciate
    it so much. I’d love to connect to more mums in the area and be a part
    of such a wonderful community!"

    - Alison

  • "What You've Started is Quite Fantastic"

    "I just wanted to send you a quick email and say I think what you started is quite fantastic. A mom of two boys myself, I know there's many times where I seek advice from other moms who are in the same situation."