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Cervical Dilation Rings for Prenatal Educators

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Cervical Dilation Rings are an incredibly effective way to teach pregnant families about the stages of labour and pushing. Our dilation ring set will help you teach your students about optimal timing for an epidural, how long or short each stage of labour can last, best positioning for each stage and how much the cervix dilates before a baby is pushed out.

  • Helps prepare your clients for labour
  • Enhances your confidence in your ability to effectively teach birth stages/positioning
  • Empowers you with a visual aid for your clients
  • Introduces your clients to a conversation about birth interventions

Prenatal Education

Often underestimated by people as an important part of having a baby, prenatal education can help ease anxiety about birth, empower new parents with information to make evidence-based decisions, reduce interventions, increase breastfeeding success and amplify a positive birth experience.

With this tool:

- A visual aid that includes actual size of cervical dilation from 1cm-10cm

- A way to stimulate difficult conversations about cervical dilation and the stages of labour

- Multi-colour rings are divided by stages of labour relating to cervical dilation

Suggested Use

These cervical dilation rings can be used by physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who teach families about childbirth. Can be used by doulas before or during labour to give parents a visual idea of their progression in labour. May be used in any prenatal class, in a physician's office or at the bedside.


Use these cervical dilation rings with caution during labour if you believe a patient may become discouraged.

  • Created by a Nurse/Childbirth Educator

  • Evidence-based

  • Actual Size

Visual Teaching Aids

Our cervical dilation rings are an excellent visual aid to teach cervical dilation, position and the stages of labour.