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Cesarean Postpartum Recovery Video Library

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The Cesarean Birth Postpartum Recovery Video Library is a simple way to learn about what to expect after your surgery, how to deal with common physical and emotional issues following a c-section and identify when you need to seek medical care.

  • Teaches you variations of normal recovery for less stress
  • Aids in identifying physical challenges you may experience
  • Enhances communication between you and your partner 
  • Helps you simplify your postpartum recovery process
  • Teaches you when to call the doctor
  • Introduces you to skin stretching and scar tissue massage techniques

Postpartum Education

Often overlooked as an important follow-up component of a cesarean birth, post c-section education can help ease your anxiety about your physical recovery, reduce your risk of post cesarean complications, help you focus on bonding with your baby and make early breastfeeding less stressful.

Suggested Use

Purchase this video resource and start using it in your third trimester, or as soon as you know that you’ll be having a planned cesarean. Can be combined with any prenatal class. For best results for a positive cesarean, use this product in addition to The Belly Birth Plan.


This resource is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. As with any information you find online, consult your healthcare provider to ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions that could be negatively affected by this program.

  • Evidence-Based

  • Postpartum Support

  • Instant Access

  • Created by a Nurse, Doula, Lamaze Teacher

What's Included:

> 22 short videos to learn about different aspects of your recovery

> Eight categories of postpartum recovery subject matter that specifically relate to c-section:




-Vaginal Bleeding

-Urination and Bowel Movements

-Resuming Activities

-Sex and Relationships

-Postpartum Mood Disorders

> Tips for postpartum health and wellness

> Suggestions to help you make your first 6 weeks of recovery easier

> Instructions to help you stretch and massage your scar tissue for your pelvic floor health

> Access for 9 months

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