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Early Breastfeeding Printable Duo

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Early Breastfeeding Printable Duo


The Early Breastfeeding Duo is 2 printables that help you achieve early breastfeeding success. Studies show that prenatal breastfeeding education leads to greater success with early breastfeeding. We’ll teach you how to latch your baby at the breast, how to hand express your own breast milk, and how to safely store your breastmilk

  • Teaches you early signs of hunger
  • Helps maintain comfort during breastfeeding
  • Helps prepare you for breastfeeding while you’re still pregnant
  • Enhances your confidence in your ability to breastfeed
  • Empowers you with strategies to position your baby for breastfeeding
  • Teaches you how to identify your baby’s swallows
  • Teaches you how to hand express your own breast milk
  • Aids you with breast milk storage to keep your baby healthy

Communicating with your Birth Team

Often overlooked as something you have no control over, communicating your needs to your birth and postpartum team is an important part of having a positive birth experience.

Know the appropriate questions to ask is the key to feeling as though you're being assertive in your birth wishes. Using questions prompts to effecitvely communicate with your nurses, midwife and doctors takes all the guesswork out of your hospital stay and makes your birth and taking your baby home less stressful.

In this Guide:

Activities to enhance your communication with healthcare professionals

Tips to guide your partner during birth

Activities to take advantage of your nurses' knowledge

A simple framework to informed decision making

Prompts to amplify the line of communication with your birth team

A guide to outline aftercare of mom, baby and partner before hospital discharge

Suggested Use

Download these printables and put them in your birth bag to take to the hosptial.

Follow the framework for informed decision making during your entire hospital stay.

Play 'Going Home Bingo' with your nurse before you are discharged to ensure you have all the information you need to feel confident taking your baby home.


These printables are intended to be used as a framework to empower your choices during birth and reduce the stress of taking a newborn home. These guides are intended for people having a low-risk pregnancy and birth.

  • Created by a Nurse/Childbirth Educator

  • Evidence-based

  • Physician Approved

What's Included:

This 2-page printable download is convenient to pack in your birth bag as a reference in the hospital.

It includes the most important aspects of early breastfeeding success such as:

> How to latch your baby in 8 easy steps

> How to unlatch your baby without damaging your nipple

> How to identify a good latch

> How to tell if your baby is swallowing

> How to hand express your breastmilk in 5 steps

> Safe breastmilk storage guide