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Fetus Models: Weeks 8, 10, 12 and 14

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These fetus models teach your prenatal students, doula clients and healthcare students about fetal development in the first trimester.

Fetus models are an incredibly effective way to teach pregnant families about fetal development. Our 3-D printed models will help you teach your students about fetal size and development in the first trimester.

  • Helps prepare your pre-conception clients for healthy lifestyle choices
  • Enhances your confidence in your ability to effectively teach fetal development
  • Empowers you with a visual aid for your clients
  • Introduces your clients to a conversation about fetal development and viability in the first trimester
  • Provides an aid to teach weekly growth

Prenatal Education

Teaching About the First Trimester

Pre-conception/early prenatal education is often desired by birthing women but not always offered. Using early pregnancy fetus models to teach fetal development enhances birthing people to make healthier choices in the first trimester and even pre-conception.

The First Trimester Fetus Models:

Three different fetuses showcase the growth of physical changes

Can be used for health teaching to further patient understanding of fetal development

May be used by clinicians and prenatal educators to enhance teaching concepts

Suggested Use

Use the first trimester fetus models  in a doctor’s office, hospital or prenatal class. 


As with any information you find online, have your clients consult a healthcare provider to ensure that they don’t have any medical conditions that could be negatively affected by prenatal education.

  • Created by a Nurse/Childbirth Educator

  • Made in Canada

  • Physician-Approved

  • Actual Size

Prenatal Visual Aids

These three fetuses include biologically accurate development:

Week 10: Tiny developing fingers and toes, forehead bulge and ear buds

Week 11: Fingers and toes defined, ears nearing final shape, tiny nasal passages, sex organs beginning to bud

Week 12: Fetus is more than double the size of the 10 week model, defined ears and facial features, sex organs visible

* All of our fetuses include the umbilical cord and their development.