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Healthy Birth Plan

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The Healthy Birth Plan is an incredibly easy program that helps you achieve an unmedicated birth in a hospital setting. We’ll teach you healthy choices for pregnancy, how to write a birth plan that gets noticed, how to manage your labour without interventions, how to push without tearing and how to plan out your postpartum for a smooth start to motherhood. 

  • Teaches you about the birth process and how to cope without medications
  • Helps prepare you so your risks of tearing or episiotomy are reduced dramatically
  • Enhances your confidence in your ability to give birth naturally
  • Empowers you with strategies to manage early stage labour at home
  • Teaches you about interventions and how to talk to your birth team about them
  • Helps you plan your postpartum for support and recovery
  • Aids you with early breastfeeding 

Prenatal Education

Achieving an Unmedicated, Vaginal Birth in the Hospital

Often desired by birthing families but not always supported by hospitals, having a birth free of interventions is statistically safer for you and your baby, easier to recover from and it enhances your breastfeeding success.

Suggested Use

Access this online course and start using it around 32 weeks. Can be used earlier if you are experiencing perinatal anxiety. Use this program in place of a hospital or in-person prenatal class.


As with any information you find online, consult your healthcare provider to ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions that could be negatively affected by prenatal education.

  • Evidence-Based

  • Created by a Nurse/Childbirth Educator

  • Physician Approved

Woman laying with her newborn skin-to-skin after a vaginal birth without tearing, stitches or episiotomy

What's Included:

In this Program:

In this Program:

> Four modules that teach you about pregnancy, birth and postpartum

> Video lessons that are short, concise and entertaining for easier understanding

> Activities so you feel empowered on your birth-day

> A framework to planning, navigating and achieving a natural birth experience

> Suggestions to help you effectively communicate your desires with your birth team

> Practical tips to help you cope through all three stages of labour without medical interventions

> Access to a nurse, doula and Lamaze teacher to answer questions

Bonus materials to help you:

-manage your stress

-ensure you’re eating the right foods for each trimester                                         

-determine which medications are safe during pregnancy

-cope with heartburn and constipation

-spot and fix pelvic floor dysfunction

-plan your playlist for birth

-push your baby out without tearing

-latch your baby at the breast

-ask your discharge nurse everything you need to know before you take your baby home

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